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Do you want a happier, healthier, smarter, stronger baby?  Enroll in our Perfect Baby New Mom+Infant Massage Classes. They’re the perfect combination of new-mom skills plus infant massage!

My classes are no-stress, relaxing and joyful.  During our three sessions you will discover not only your own parenting potential, you will become confident and knowledgeable in handling your baby. Included in your Perfect Baby new-mom classes is learning how to massage your baby.  You’ll be amazed at how learning these simple techniques will empower you as a parent and lead to greater self confidence in your new-baby handling skills.  Our sessions are a ‘hands-on’ time when each mom/parent will be guided by me in the techniques of loving touch and recognizing your baby’s ‘cues.’

For new parents, we will discuss common challenges regarding new parenthood and techniques  to solve them. You’ll learn to read your baby cue’s, how best to soothe and relax your baby while you strengthen your special mom-baby bond.

Meredith Piscitelli, CEIM

Similar to yoga, our classes are held in a warm room and begin with mom/parent taking a moment to acknowledge their special child and show respect for him/her by asking permission to do the massage. Meredith leads each class by demonstrating massage strokes on a certified life-size, infant doll. You, the parent, is the only one who handles your baby. 

In total, over 45 infant massage strokes are taught.  The stroke-sequence is  easy to learn and it’s fun to watch baby respond. You will get to know your baby and his/her personal cues as nobody else could. You become the expert! Care is taken to give individual attention to each duo and address each child’s demonstrated needs.

  • Learn strokes to reduce baby’s gas, constipation, teething and growing pains
  • Learn techniques to relax baby & ease stress & tension, so baby is less fussy & will sleep more readily and deeply. This leads to you relaxing, also.
  • Learn strokes to promote muscle tone and motor skill development. Baby will be stronger and crawl, reach, grasp and walk sooner.
  • You will be enhancing the development of your baby’s brain and body, which includes baby’s awareness and alertness, a more efficient digestive system and a stronger immune system.
  • Learn  about soothing, swaddling, sleeping and so much more…..

To learn why we offer the best infant massage classes in Boston, please read our client testimonials.

“Bonding with my daughter was priceless. “


“Words cannot express the joy I feel in my heart when my daughter has her eyes locked with mine and a huge smile on her face during her massage. Thank you Meredith! We have come to learn that the more we massage our daughter, the more she enjoys it. She is always very happy and relaxed after each massage. We feel the daily massage has made her stronger and more agile. Meredith is very kind and patient. She is also very knowledgeable and passionate about infant massage.” “
-Angela. - Mom of a 6 month old girl.

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“You gave our whole family a gift. We were so lucky to have you. ”


My son loves his massage every single night. Tonight he started beaming a huge smile while having his legs massaged. He loves it. He gets a more quizzical look on his face when I squeeze his toes. Thanks again for everything!

-Jessica S., – Mom of a 6 week old boy

Client Stories

Why we love it!

Babies enjoy massage as much as adults do. The first time a mom see’s her baby respond to her with the love and trust which the massage she is doing conveys, their bond is cemented. Coo’s from baby lead to smiles from mom and relaxation for both.

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Why we do it.

My passion is to educate as many parents/caregivers as possible in the myriad benefits of massaging your own child. It’s awesome!

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Baby-handling how-to’s including swaddling, sleeping, soothing and more will be covered During this three part series, each parent/caregiver is encouraged to ask questions, share and learn from Meredith, your Infant Massage Specialist , and each other.

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